Together, we can choose freedom from pollution.

Pollution from burning coal and gas for energy is poisoning our communities and accelerating the climate crisis. In fact, the health benefits alone can more than pay for a clean energy transition.

Currently, 73% of US homes have access to green energy through their electric utility system, but few people know about these programs because most utilities have no financial incentive to market them. Four years ago, a team of volunteer troublemakers started coming together to change this.

The Green Neighbor Challenge is a non-profit project building a free online toolset to empower US residents to take energy action and advance energy democracy. Our green energy search tool allows you to find your local program with just a zip code. We require no personal information, as enrollment is completed on the program website.

The most important step: challenging your network to go green too! The more people that switch to renewable energy, the greater impact we will have on our energy system and health. Start courageous conversations — Together, we can breathe easier!

This is just the beginning. In addition to our green energy tool, we're adding resources to help neighbors explore their local solar options and home efficiency incentives. Resources for low income residents as well as educational, organizing, and advocacy tools are in development, but we could use your support. Will you join us, neighbor?

Still have questions? See our FAQ!

Find Green Energy

Easily sign up for green energy for your home, typically for a few dollars more a month

Solar Options

Find rooftop solar installers or community solar options in your area, if available

Save Energy

Find energy efficiency home upgrade incentives through our partner Incentifind

Multiply your impact by sharing
the challenge with your networks!

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